How to make gravy with chicken stock 

Most of us like gravy but don’t know How to make gravy with chicken stock. Don’t worry; we will here describe the best gravy recipe.

Homemade gravy or sauce is an essential cooking skill for any home cook. You can prepare homemade sauces for any meal quickly and easily. For example, make sauces for mashed potatoes, turkey, and roast beef, or make simple sausage sauce and serve with biscuits, bread, Or toast.

 Traditional sauces start with seasoning or roux. Roux or intermixture is a 1:2 fat mixture used in all-purpose flour. The fat used to make the sauce is usually butter, but other fats such as oil, margarine, and even bacon lard are also used. The fat is melted and mixed at low temperature and then cooked briefly. Then slowly add your liquid and let it boil. This liquid can be fat in a pan, broth or canned broth, or even milk. The batter thickens the liquid and forms a sauce.

How to make gravy with chicken stock 

Here are all ingredients you need to make a great sauce from scratch:

  • Chicken and beef broth,
  • Butter and flour Stock cube
  • It is for taste and color. Chicken is the prominent flavor, and beef adds flavor and gives it a pleasant dark brown instead of an offensive light brown. The use of both makes this sauce suitable for any protein: white meat (chicken, pork), red meat (beef, lamb, game), potatoes, and vegetables can be replaced with flour;
  • Hot water-to dissolve the cubes.
  • Flour-to makes the sauce.
  • The juice thickens (gluten-free cornflour/cornstarch in the recipe description);
  • Onion or garlic powder
  • The optional liquid broth for extra flavor is best used in the sauce, starting with the fat in the pot because the fat in the pot adds different flavors to the sauce.

Step 1

 Melt butter in a pan over normal or low heat. Add flour until fragrant, 10-12 minutes.

 Step 2

Gradually add cold soup. Keep the heat to a minimum. Boil the sauce, simmer it and stir for 20 minutes till stick on your spoon. Now, Add the cream, white pepper and chili, and salt.

How can you make gravy with a pan?

 Frying pan fat is an excellent choice for making homemade sauces from scratch. To use the fat in the pan, you need to carefully remove it from the hot pan and filter the fat or cartilage. The neat way is to mix the liquid with a mesh sieve into a cup that has measuring marks. In this way, you can easily see the dripped liquid quantity. It is also our ancestor’s method of making sauces.

 If a lot of fat drips from the roast and the sauce is cooked while the pan is still hot, this method works well; take it out of the oven. Skim off any fat or cartilage, and add 1/4 cup of fat from the pan to a small bowl. Mix two tablespoons of cornstarch (about 2 cups of fat), and then pour this mixture back into the pot. Now, Stir well until the sauce thickens.

How to prepare gluten sauce?

 Traditional sauces are made with fat to flour ratio of 1:2. So if you like cornstarch instead of ordinary flour, add the cornflour to make your sauce gluten-free. Corn starch is a stronger thickener, so it only needs to be halved. But remember, add a maximum of two tablespoons of cornstarch cup of flour instead of 1/4 cup of flour.

How to prepare milk sauce?

 Cream sauces such as hot dog sauce or chocolate sauce are made from milk. If you want to like gravy more creamy, add milk to meat and enjoy. Then, replace some of the required liquid in the sauce with formula milk.

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